Copyclub is able to provide three types of binding: (i) hard bound binding; (ii) soft binding; and (iii) spiral binding.

Hard Bound Bindings

Our hard bound bindings are made using traditional methods whereby the pages are both glued as well as sewn. Covers can come in various colours and finishings and letters can be printed upon them both on the front as well as on the spine. The printing is made using a hot foil printing system (not by with adhesive letters) and can be made in silver or in gold.

Hard bound bindings are usually carried out for official copies of dissertations. Copyclub has over thirty years of experience binding dissertations for the University of Malta and other universities abroad. They are also occasionally used by schools, libraries and institutions.


Soft Bindings

Soft bindings are elegant bindings with a soft cover where the pages are both sewn and glued. The front page can also be printed upon through the hot foil method with gold or silver lettering. Various cover colours are available. 


Spiral Bindings

Spiral bindings are carried out through perforating the pages and binding them using a spiral plastic comb. Copyclub can carry out a variety of spiral bindings as it stocks a wide range of binding combs and binding materials. Customers can choose to visit Copyclub and wait for their spiral bindings to be done on the spot.

You are invited to contact us should you have any questions about prices or any of these binding services.