“Copyclub Live” is the e-commerce platform of “Copyclub” which is a stationery and photocopy bureau situated right outside the gates of the University of Malta.

Copyclub opened its doors in the late 1980s and was the first stationery and photocopy bureau in the area. Throughout the years Copyclub accompanied generations of students in their journey from freshers to graduates. Copyclub became part of their daily university life starting from when they purchased their stationery and collected their first set of notes at the beginning of their course, up to their final years as they conducted finishing touches on their dissertations with us a few hours before the due deadlines. Copyclub is proud to have assisted them at every step of the way.

As graduates entered the labour market and our exposure increased generally, (in view of our competitive prices and wide range of stationery products) Copyclub became well known beyond the university bubble. Today we serve a wide-ranging clientele from all walks of life.

As technology evolves and the nature of stationery use changes we aim to provide quality and up to date stationery products and the same excellent service we did during the past years. The establishment of Copyclub Live is a step in this direction. As we import and stock stationery directly ourselves we are able to provide a wide range of modern stationery products at the most competitive prices.

We hope this platform serves your stationery needs. Do not hesitate to contact us should you need anything that is not on display, have any suggestions or just to reach out and say hello.