Whiteboards: How to get hold of a great whiteboard in Malta.


Whiteboards are a staple product for schools and offices. Yet they have also become crucial for teachers and educators giving lessons from home, whether in private lessons format or online.

Should you be interested in purchasing a whiteboard you first have to know where you intend placing it. Here at Copyclub we provide whiteboards that can be affixed to a wall or else put on a stand with wheels. Alternatively you can also place the smaller whiteboards standing on a table or shelf with their back resting against a wall.

Each arrangement has its advantages. With a whiteboard affixed to a wall you can save space in your room. If you have it on a stand with wheels you can move it around at leisure.  If you have it standing on a shelf or table you can place it wherever you want and hide it away when you are not using it. The right choice basically depends on the space you have and on your ways of working.

In the meantime it is pertinent to note that at Copyclub we have reversible whiteboards. Once one side is used the board can be turned at the touch of a finger in order for the other side to be used. Due to their reversibility they always come on a stand with wheels.

Once you know your space you can then buy a whiteboard of the right size. If you would like to have it on a stand with wheels you can buy the stand separately. The reversible whiteboard comes on a stand by default.

Beyond size it is also very important to look at quality. Certain whiteboards may be cheap. However they would likely be of low quality. A low quality whiteboard would have surfaces that stain easily. It would look like this after a couple of times of use:



Since we are aware of this problem, here at Copyclub, we make sure that all our whiteboards are of the best quality.

Besides this, it is useful to have whiteboards that are magnetic. A magnetic whiteboard will enable you to affix whiteboard magnets on the surface of the board as well as magnetic erasers.

Whiteboard Accessories

With a great whiteboard it is also important to have great whiteboard accessories. These would entail quality whiteboard markers, erasers and magnets. After prolonged use it is also great to have a spray whiteboard cleaner in order to restore the shiny surface of your whiteboards.

Whether it’s top quality whiteboards or whiteboard accessories, Copyclub has got you covered. Needless to say our prices are very competitive too. Have a look at our range of whiteboards and whiteboard products here:


As usual you may order any of the products on our online shop and get them delivered straight to your door. Alternatively you may pick them up from our shop.

Should you have any questions do not hesitate to call us on 21317156.

The Copyclub Team

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