San Anton Grade 3 Stationery List


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This is the stationery list for San Anton School Grade 3 level

Items from this package you do not need can be reduced or removed at the next stage of the checkout process once you are in the Shopping Cart. 

Please note the following:

- The wide lined copybook and a brown cover should be allocated for Maths.

- The squared copybook and a brown cover should also be allocated for Maths.

- One zip lock bag should be allocated for Maths. In this bag you should ave 2 dice and a pack of playing cards which you can procure from elsewhere.

- The blue covers should be allocated for the English language copybooks

- The red plastic covers should be allocated to the Maltese language copybooks.

- The scissors, set of paintbrushes, glue stick and PVA glue should be put into another zip lock bag for craft items. 

 Everything should be labelled with the student's name.

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